Speaking Wisdom Through Rap


My best friend, Susan, and I started rapping in high school in the late 80’s when Run DMC was a household name. In college we formed “The Two Midevil Crew” and rapped Shakespeare to elementary schools while our fellow Watauga College students acted out scenes. In medical school I continued to write and perform raps to teach my fellow students on assigned topics(pelvic floor prolapse on OB-Gyn, hyperkalemia on oncology rotation). The rest is history! Rap Dkta D, my alter ego, was born.

My rap videos are a family affair, the first one completely filmed and edited with just myself and my boys as key grips(and camera and sound). The next rap video, STDs Never Get Old, brought in my parents, aunt and some of their friends to be our actors, in addition to my kids. And my best friend from high school? She and her boyfriend helped direct and film! This video enjoyed brief viral fame in local and national news and was linked to on Breitbart and Mashable in the same week! Sports Illustrated called it “the best viral video of 2017” and it led to Sirius XM and I Heart Radio interviews, a Comedy Central game show skit, and an invitation to the British show, The Last Laugh.


My first video is aimed at teenagers and the second at older people. My nurse, Tameka, took me shopping for a wig at the Treasure Chest on our lunch break one day at the health department. She and the sales person convinced me to buy it. I stopped using that prop in later pictures/video for concerns of being misunderstood or viewed as cultural appropriation.